About us

WWB fights energy inefficiency and energy poverty, improving the health, safety, comfort and economy of families across the globe.

  • Based on the successful 41 years of history of the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) in the US.
  • Over 8.5 million homes weatherized by WAP in the US.
  • More: health and safety, green collar jobs, green industries, building science, technologies and materials, and energy for all.
  • Less: energy poverty, non renewable fuels dependence, CO2 emissions, shutoffs and blackouts

It’s time to think big… and weatherize globally!

WWB is formed as a non-profit international weatherization services organization, based in the US, with the mission of:

  • Expanding public awareness and support for weatherization programs globally.
  • Improving the health, safety, durability and energy efficiency of low income homes and building environments in different countries.
  • Developing strategic partnerships in order to support weatherization programs globally.
  • Increasing the capacity of our partners, ourselves and our clients, through outreach, training and consulting.
  • Uniting energy professionals worldwide, to globally expand the knowledge and science of weatherization to all nations.
  • Becoming a research and planning resource, for both private and public foundations and governmental entities in the field of energy efficiency, health, and safety in residential housing.